Celebration Candles for birthdays,weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, memorials, inspiration.


C21- New Contemporary Countdown Birthday Candle- $22.00


Countdown Candles

Our trademark countdown numbered birthday candles are available from 1-21 years,  1-13 years or with personalization from 1-18 years.

Choose from our contemporary design at left with colorful updated graphics or the traditional design you had as a child, at right.

Also available, a countdown anniversary candle from 1 to 50 years and a countdown Christmas candle with holder to count down the days from Dec. 1st to 25th.



B21- Traditional Countdown Birthday Candle- $22.00


Contemporary 1-18 Personalized Candle - $29.50

Traditional 1-18 Yr. Personalized Candle-   $29.50

 1-13 Year Birthday Candle$15.00





     Countdown 1-50 Year 

       Anniversary Candle


Countdown Christmas Candle

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