Numbered Birthday Countdown Candles, 1-21 year, 1-13 year, Personalized                                                            
Great Gifts made in the USA for New Baby and First Birthday!  Celebration Candles for any occasion!



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C21- New Contemporary Countdown Birthday Candle- $22.00

Our trademark 1-21 Birthday Countdown Candle is now available in choice of Contemporary or Traditional Styles!

Count down your child's birthdays from first birthday to 21st with our countdown birthday candle.  

Choose from our contemporary design at left or the traditional design you had as a child, shown at right.

Also available 1-18 year personalized and 1-13 year candles.

B21- Traditional Countdown Birthday Candle- $22.00

Contemporary 1-18 Personalized Candle 


Traditional 1-18 Yr. Personalized Candle


 1-13 Year Birthday Candle


Countdown Christmas Candle


Numbered Anniversary Candle

                       1-50 Yrs.


New Baby Girl Candle


New Baby Boy Candle


Baby's 1st Christmas Candle


Our candles have been handcrafted in Pennsylvania since 1981. They are a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of a child or grandchild, or the perfect gift for a first birthday, new baby, baby shower, baptism or christening. Our numbered birthday candles have become a tradition in many families. Many of our customers tell us they have gotten them for every new child for three generations! If you would like to share your story, please Contact Us with your birthday candle tradition.

Below are a few of the many testimonies we have received from our customers:

I am so glad I found your site! I had a countdown birthday candle as a child and now that I'm a mom I wanted one for my daughter. It is exactly the same design as the one I had. Thank you so much! Nancy in Pittsburgh, PA

This candle has been a tradition in our family for three generations. I have three children, and each one of them has burned the candle down to a stump. On their 21st birthday, they each lit the candle while they had their first drink! Mitchell in Miami, FL

I have looked everywhere for this candle! I lived in Germany for ten years and they were very big over there. I haven't been able to find them here until now. I need to get one for my god child. Lynette in Toledo, OH

I love your new personalized candle! Every child in my family had one of the original candles. I am starting a new tradition with my grandchildren with the personalized candle. Mary in Anitoch, CA

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